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Some people prefer cosmetics freebies, the others target on receiving food samples or health samples. If you don’t have particular preferences, miscellaneous freebies can be found in Internet. Sometimes these can be simple free magazines or free stuff with logo of the company spreading it. You can also find posters, stickers, discs, pens and other free stuff online.

Miscellaneous freebies are better to be found on special websites that gather information about different offers from various sources.

Don’t trust websites that ask you to pay or input your credit card information. For best results make sure you search for miscellaneous freebies periodically to see fresh offers.

Join MyView can take part in surveys, movie screeners and magazine test covers and earn rewards like VISA debit cards

Communicate. Get Heard. Get Rewarded

Enjoy Super Savings on the Biggest Brands Instantly

FREE Samples on Brand Products

Get free samples of stuff

SNUGGLE SAMPLE – Snuggle is the brand name of a fabric softener sold by Sun Products – Offer is good only for U.S. residents over 18 of age

2 FREE Badges of Friendship Bracelets—one for yourself & one to share with a friend.

My Name Is On Senior Walk T-Shirt Request

Get two pairs of Pajama Jeans for free

Get a Keurig special edition home brewing system Free!

Order your free book today – Get Revolution in World Missions

Request a free copy of the Holy Bible

Request your free Jesus DVD

Request your free Israel Music DVD

Get a free Disney Parks Vacation planning DVDThis offer is only available to U.S. and Canadian households. One per household.

Order Free Rosariesallow 10 – 12 weeks for delivery

Get a $50 Visa Gift Card, plus an XXL bag of M&M’s! Sign-up today

Free Crystal Light Sample – Crystal Light is a low-calorie powdered beverage mix that offers naturally and artificially sweetened beverage options in multiple flavors

Brighten your teeth with a Rembrandt Teeth Whitening Kit! Sign-up now

Free Nicorrette lozenges – Registration

Receive free ASPCA Pet Safety Pack

Free vacuum bags

Get free stuff from the Four Corners Tavern Group

Request a Free Catalog – Champion apparel – delivery in 6-8 weeks


Order Brochure Vacation in Ireland

Free Koran Request Form

Request your free Chemistry Activity Kit – shipping is free, but kits can only be shipped to school addresses within the continental United States

Request a Free Vacuum Metallization Sample

Triangle Ink Request Free Sample

Request a sample of our floor striping and safety products

Free pensonly in the Baltimore area or nearby businesses

BD Ultra-FineTM 4mm 32G Nano Pen Needles free sample packLimit of one sample pack per person

Litho Ninja free t-shirt contest

Request your free and exclusive Primus t-shirt

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  1. I have found that free always makes a product better. Looking forward to trying some of these. Thanks.

  2. Mack’s Earplugs FREE EAR PLUGS GIVEAWAY! Just fill out your name and address for your choice of earplugs. It’s fast, simply and easy. Mack’s Ear Plugs are great for sleeping, loud noise, musicians, concerts, motorcycles, shooting, etc.

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