Free Offers and Promotions

Get free stuff, promotional samples and find freebie promotions

Some people prefer cosmetics freebies, the others target on receiving food samples or health samples. If you don’t have particular preferences, miscellaneous freebies can be found in Internet. Sometimes these can be simple free magazines or free stuff with logo of the company spreading it. You can also find posters, stickers, discs, pens and other free stuff online.

Miscellaneous freebies are better to be found on special websites that gather information about different offers from various sources.

Don’t trust websites that ask you to pay or input your credit card information. For best results make sure you search for miscellaneous freebies periodically to see fresh offers.

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Uncommon free offers

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Free samples and offers

Get free samples of products – receive free products

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Completely free offers no charges no fees no shipping no handling free samples

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Complete a 6 question survey, rate your satisfaction level with Sun’s Developer Help Service and receive a free T-shirt. Offer available for most of the countries.

Request a free calendar or Catalog from the world’s largest collection of wildlife merchandise. US only residents.

Receive a free bumper sticker ‘Give Wildlife a Brake!’ and spread the word.

Complete a short survey and receive a free cool KinderStart Refrigerator Magnet.

Complete the form from the site and receive free labels. Select specific labels you’d want to receive from DuraLabel. US and Canada only

Offers for free stuff – get this FREE Ring when you sign-up today, pay only S&H (Sensational 3-Carat Solitaire Stone , Not available in any stores, finely crafted with handset stones)

Free stuff Offer – 500 Photo prints delivered directly to home

Receive a free sample from Alconox the Leader in Critical Cleaning Detergents. Remove all the existing stains from any surface using the products you’ll receive as a sample.If our standard sample which makes 1 gallon (3.8 liters) of test cleaning solution will not be enough for your sample evaluation, please e-mail

Get a Free sample of Clorox 2 Chlorine -Free Bleach for Colors

Receive free samples from FLIXSTICKS. Sticks are made of Flexible plastic having a tapered shape for your interdental spaces. Worldwide available offer.

Get a free Plain or Generic Glasses from 3D Market. Choose from a wide variety of glasses. International offer.

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Free tags, labels and printings offers

Get free tags, labels and printings for all business branches. If you’re starting your business and want attractive label on your products just get some of the free samples offered by well-known companies and make your choice.

If you’re interested in changing your products’ labels you may find here some useful stuff. See also enduring marks, netting, wire closure, signature food boards and stickers.

Some of them are internationally shipped.

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Food and Food Related Sample Offers

Get some samples for your food business and try some products from well known companies.

We’ve selected for you free food related samples for business and companies. Natural and artificial flavors, food colors, taste enhancers, natural extracts, emulsions and spices; also packaging for all business weather it’s for restaurant or other food business you’ll find something great and interesting for you.


If you’re interested in getting some pick from the list below.

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